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Opt Out

Registering on the Dracore Data Sciences do not contact / opt-out database will mean that you will not be contacted by any employees of Dracore Data Sciences. This means that Dracore Data Sciences will not contact you in relation to any offers or sending of information on products or promotions.

However before registering you should take into account that it will prevent you from receiving information that could be potentially beneficial to you – thereby cutting you off from relevant and worthwhile opportunities. For example: charities have been known to use telemarketing as an economical way of raising awareness and much needed support.

Registration Requirements:

  • When you register you will be required to enter a valid RSA ID number, email address and cell number.
  • You will also be prompted to provide any other contact details that you wish NOT to be contacted on
  • Once we have received your opt-out confirmation, you will then be registered in the opt-out database.
  • It will take +/-2 weeks for this service to be fully effective i.e. for all employees of Dracore Data Sciences to stop contacting you
Cancellation of opt-out service.
To cancel your opt-out and to be contacted again, please contact Dracore Data Sciences on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. whilst quoting your RSA ID number.
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