• Debtor & Beneficiary Tracing

Consumer tracing enables companies to trace bad payers or even non-payers. This assists companies to reduce their bad debt and recover outstanding debts at the best possible cost. Bad Debt costs companies millions of rands every year and Dracore contributes to the success or recovering outstanding debt.

Our consumer tracing services enable Credit Providers and External Debt Collectors the opportunity to enrich their consumer information records with the following;

  • The most up to date contact information
  • The most up to date address information
  • Confirmation of Property ownership where collection matters proceed to Legal Collections and proof of asset ownership is required
  • Confirmation of spouse contact information and possible relatives to ensure the chance of making contact is improved
  • Confirmation of co-homeowners that provide another layer of contactability
  • Confirmation of co-directors that provide another layer of contactability
  • Confirmation of deceased status to ensure you do not waste collection efforts on consumers who are deceased
  • Confirmation of debtors who are liquidated
  • Confirmation of debtors who are sequestrated
  • Confirmation of debtors who are under administration

Dracore also provides its clients with a disposable income indicator that will give you a good idea as to whether the consumer has the means to service the debt you are collecting on now.

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