Dracore signs Reseller Agreement with Wireless Social

Dracore and Wireless Social - May 2015

Dracore is an approved reseller partner for Wireless Social, a global technology company in South Africa. Wireless Social provides those key individuals within your business with real-time insight around first and repeat visitor data at a granular level. Unearthing demographic, technology and location behaviour across single or multiple sites anytime, anywhere.

Setting up Wireless Social is Childs play and we assist you to leverage the power of your Wi-Fi network to delight your customers, while you gain valuable insight around your business’s physical space like never before, by using your existing Wi-Fi network your Wireless Social Wi-Fi solution, can be up and running in less than one hour. Today, successful businesses make the most noise about their customer experience, and we think guest Wi-Fi should play an integral part in this. Make it beautiful, branded and seamless for customers to login just once across all your venues and you’re on to a winner. Turn on social login too, and drive your social engagement through the roof. Mobile devices often provide a welcome distraction for children and adults when out and about as a family. We provide a child friendly content filtering service. Our solution provides a meaningful and personal solution that adds value and personalises the customer’s experience. Knowing when someone is in your venue, along with other forms of available data, makes these interactions timely, relevant and meaningful. Our powerful campaign monitoring tools allow you to gain insight into real time versus historic results on all marketing communications, sent through the Wireless Social portal and all of this is supported by powerful analytics that tell you about your customer behaviour. Marketing Heads and business decision makers can manage their own dashboards anytime from anywhere.



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