The inherent "giving" nature of Data

quantitative dataWhat does the word Data really mean? Hidden in the origin of the word is a surprising revelation about the inherent nature of data and how it is used.

Data: we use the word all the time. It’s that little word that means so many different things to so many different people.  It can refer to bits and bytes, or contact details, or shopping preferences. Data can be mathematical, demographic, qualitative or quantitative. You get skewed data and clean data and updated dated and raw data. In modern use the word simply refers to facts or pieces of information.

But when a word contains many possibilities and refers to variety of different subjects it is easy to overlook the fact that it has it's own peculiar identity and nature. While Data talks about almost everything and everyone else, it is rather shy about sharing its own personal information. So what data is hidden inside the word "data"?

When you want to know more about someone true identity, the best place to start is with a simple question: “Where do you come from?”

So, Data, where do you come from?

The word “datum” (the singular form of “data”) was born centuries ago in southern Europe as part of the Latin language. In Latin, “datum” is derived from the word “dare” which means both “to give” and to play". 

From the word Dare is derived the word "die" or "dice" which is used in playful games of chance. We also get the word "date" which refers to a given day, but also the verb "to date”. We go dating on a given day. It is a shared moment agreed on by two people. 

In Latin Datum simply meant "given".

All these words point to the fact that inherent in the word "Data's" etymological origins are ideas of relationship, sharing, generosity and playfulness. 

Data only exists in relation to being given.  What is the value of a name, your id number your phone number if noone else ever ever knowds them? They only truly come into existence in the context of relationship. They find their meaning and purpose  when you are exchanging them, or keeping them hidden. Data is stored in order to be used in an interactive setting. Even computer data is created in order to facilitate and interaction between user and interface. Without this encounter with another, data is meaningless.

So in tribute to the origins and deeper connotations of this important little word in our business, Dracore Data Science want to celebrate this festive season by giving you an opportunity to make connections, to widen your interactions.

We are therefore giving away 10 free credits to GoVault our online tracing database. This is your chance to try it out, give it a go – play. With GoVault you can search for people simply by looking up a name, phone number, ID number. You can also do cross checks to ensure your own data is correct.  The data on GoVault is continuously updated so you can be sure to get the best quality information available.

We hope you enjoy it!

Happy Festive Season!




You will get 10 free contact searches which will allow you to connect, to relate and to share with ...

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