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  • Household Income Verification

Dracore provides Household Income Verification services to businesses as well as Higher Education Institutions that are required to process student applications for financial aid. Through a process of linking individuals to create a view of the members of a household, Dracore can then confirm if the members of the household are alive or deceased and thereafter apply various income rules that provide Higher Education institutions with the information they need to make decisions.

The students with their guardians, complete an application for with the Higher Education Institution and provide their consent for the necessary checks to be done and verified. The results are then made available to the Higher Education Institution in bulk datasets as well as through the EduVerify Portal.

Economical Indicators & Income Estimations 

Dracore works with various industries to provide insights that assist in completing various research projects. Some of the most popular insights required are;

  • Household Suburb Average Income
  • Living Standard Measure
  • Individual Suburb Average Income

Through Dracore’s partners and alliances, we are able to enrich our clients data and bring the rich nuggets to the service that enable our clients to tell the stories they need to.

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