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  • Database Management

Dracore works with many small to medium sized businesses who use data to support marketing efforts but have no ability to manage a database due to database experts being unaffordable and as a result they do not have the skillset available internally to optimise their use of data and understand the results they data provides their business. 

A common example is businesses that make use of use of SMS messaging as part of the marketing strategy. Currently a business would have to export reporting from a standalone SMS application match data manually to understand who has responded to the SMS message.

Dracore provides Data Management Solutions to our clients as we are ideally positioned to process, enrich and manipulate data quickly and create automated processes that can manage data on behalf of our clients. Dracore is a Data Sciences business that provides verification and data enrichment services to its clients.

The purpose of providing data enrichment and verification services is to assist our clients in making sure they know who their customers are and are positioned to avoid going into business agreements that may result in our clients being exposed to fraudulent business transactions.

Our solutions also mean that your data can be campaign ready at any point in time. Data is created constantly in business environments and once a data record is recorded in a CRM platform, this is where Dracore gets involved to ensure that the customer related data is maintained and kept up to date.

There are various benefits to a data enrichment process such as retention of customers and collections of outstanding accounts. Many companies lose touch with their customers once a transaction is concluded and this is where Dracore works with its clients to close this gap. Dracore create a database structure on your behalf within its secure Data Environment that comprises of relational database tables that record marketing and responses.



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