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*Please ensure you read the Terms & Conditions

  • I/We confirm that the above information is true, correct and complete.

  • I/We herewith grant my/our approval that Dracore Data Sciences may fully investigate and verify any information regarding this agreement.

  • I/We further agree that any services will be discontinued should my account not be paid in advance and kept up to date. I accept that my payment terms will be 7 days from date of invoice and that Dracore shall be entitled to levy interest at current prime bank overdraft rates, plus 2% per annum on any outstanding amounts. Should your services be discontinued due to non-payment, you are still liable for outstanding amounts owing.

  • Initial training is free of charge. Additional training may be charged for.

  • I/We confirm that I am/we are fully authorised to sign this agreement on behalf of the subscriber.

  • No simultaneous sessions on a subscriber licence will be allowed. Usage is monitored and any abuse by a subscriber will result in immediate suspension.

  • I/We accept that the initial term of this contract is 12 months. Should the subscriber wish to terminate this agreement before the initial contract period is complete, the subscriber must provide three calendar months’ notice. Should the subscriber wish to terminate this agreement, written cancellation on the subscriber’s letterhead is required to be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • The subscriber agrees to the contract terms and understands that subscribing to MyCE means that Dracore has provisioned the necessary hardware and software required for the subscriber’s usage of MyCE.

  • The subscriber will remunerate Dracore according to the subscription fee structure agreed upon in this agreement.

  • I/We confirm that we will adhere to all relevant South African Legislation when dealing with personal information and Dracore will not take any responsibility for the usage of MyCE or any of its modules by the subscriber.

  • I/We confirm that we will take full responsibility to ensure access to this MYCE subscription is limited to the subscriber at all times.

  • All information of whatsoever nature, whether printed, electronic, typed, written or oral supplied by Dracore is in the strictest confidence and is for use of the subscriber only and shall not be used for any other purpose whatsoever other than the purpose indicated, without prior consent of Dracore, the information supplied is strictly confidential, and shall not be divulged to any third party, and without limited the generality thereof, to the parties reported supplied.

  • Dracore shall not be liable for any loss suffered by any person or persons as a result of any action of omission on the part of Dracore, and its employees, agents, correspondents, accountants or attorneys in procuring, collecting and communicating or gathering any information to the subscriber. Whilst Dracore undertakes to use its reasonable endeavours to ensure that the information supplied is accurate, no liability of whatsoever nature shall have attached to Dracore, its employees, agents, correspondents, accountants or attorneys for any mistake, errors or omission in the information supplied, nor does Dracore in any way guarantee the correctness of the information supplied.

  • Any information provided shall merely reflect information collected by Dracore from various data sources and the subscriber agrees and understands this to be so.

  • The subscriber indemnifies Dracore against any loss of whatever nature the subscriber may suffer as a result of a breach by the subscriber of any of the terms and conditions in this agreement.

  • The subscriber expressly waives and renounces all its rights of whatever nature that it may have against Dracore for any loss suffered by it, as a result of any information supplied by Dracore being incorrect, incomplete or inaccurate.

  • Dracore is hereby permitted to reserve itself the right to terminate this subscription agreement at any time with 30 days prior notice and for whatever reason it may deem fit.

  • The subscriber acknowledges that the information supplied by Dracore is published/made available for information purpose only and that any action taken by the subscriber pursuant to that information is taken at the sole risk of the subscriber.

  • The subscriber acknowledges that log in details are not to be distributed to non-subscribers and if simultaneous log in sessions are identified, Dracore reserves the right to cancel the agreement with immediate effect.

  • The subscriber acknowledges that the data is not to be extracted in any form for consumption outside of the MyCE application and if this is the case, Dracore reserves the right to cancel the agreement with immediate effect. Dracore requires that subscribers maintain a fair usage policy at all times.

  • Dracore reserves unto itself at its sole discretion the right to increase the subscription rate with an increase rate that is tied to the Consumer Price Index (CPI) on the subscription date anniversary each year.

  • Should either party breach or otherwise be in default of any of its obligations under or in terms of this agreement and remains in breach after 14 days written notice by the other party to the party in breach about the breach the other party shall be entitled (but not obliged), in addition to any other to cancel this agreement without claiming damages or to obtain an order against the defaulting party for specific performance with or without claiming damages.

  • Dracore may, at its sole discretion, change or adapt the functionality of the system at any time. Should such changes or adaption result in the subscriber’s computer equipment becoming partially or totally unusable on the system, Dracore will in no way be held responsible for any damages, of any nature whatsoever, that may result from such changes or adaptation in which event the subscriber may have the right to terminate this agreement without penalty with 7 days written notice.

  • Whilst Dracore undertakes to use its reasonable endeavours to ensure that the subscriber will have access to the application, Dracore in no ways guarantees access times to the application.

  • Notwithstanding the amount which may be at any time owing by the subscriber to Dracore, the parties do hereby consent in terms of section 45 of the Magistrates Court Act (No 32 of 1994 as amended), to the jurisdiction of the Magistrates Court having jurisdiction of the determination of any action or proceeding otherwise beyond the jurisdiction of the said court which may be brought by Dracore against the subscriber arising out of any transaction between the parties, it is recorded that the subscriber will be held responsible for cost on an attorney client scale.

  • The subscriber acknowledges and agrees that the information supplied by Dracore shall be utilised by it solely and exclusively for the purposed indicated and for no other purpose whatsoever. 

  • The subscriber further agrees to allow Dracore access to audit the purpose for which the system is used to ensure compliance in terms of the National Credit Act, Act 34 of 2005 and its regulations as well as the Protection of Personal Information Act, No 4 of 2013.

  • The subscriber also acknowledges that he/she is familiar with the content of the National Credit Act and will not perform any act and or deed in contravention to these Act’s and or their regulations.

  • Dracore automatically may collect the subscriber’s browser type and browser software version to tailor the presentation of the site and site services and maintain a record of the users or visitors activity on the site. As an automatic process, Dracore’ s web server software records a log file of all IP addresses that access the site, Dracore also collect IP addresses to identify a user to user’s personal information for fraud prevention purposes. Finally, Dracore may collect additional information from or about the subscriber or the subscriber’s information in other ways not specifically described here in future as and when Dracore discovers new fraud schemes and for purposes of Data Enrichment of the Dracore database.

  • The subscriber may note cede or assign its rights of obligations in terms of this agreement, without obtaining the prior written consent from Dracore, which consent will not be unreasonably withheld.

  • If the subscriber signs this agreement as a Trustee, or agent or on behalf of a Company, then the subscriber by his signature, hereto, interposes and binds himself/herself in favour of Dracore as surety for and co-principal debtor in solidum with such Trust or Company for the due and timeous performance by it of all of its obligations as a subscriber in terms of this agreement.

  • Any notice addressed to a party at its physical or postal address sent by prepaid registered post, or delivered by hand or send by email will be presumed to have been delivered if by post after 14 (fourteen) days after postage or by email where proof of delivery receipt has been received on the first business day after the delivery receipt has been received.

  • The terms and conditions of the subscription agreement are fully set forth in this agreement. Any amendment, alteration, release or cancellation of any of its provisions shall only be valid if made in writing and signed by both parties.

  • The subscriber also acknowledges to have read, understand and accept all the terms and conditions herein.

  • All pricing is VAT exclusive. 

  • The debit order payment method has an admin fee of R12.50 per month.

  • If your debit order payment fails, we will charge you an admin fee of R20.00 per failed debit order.

  • All contracts are 12 months as a standard.

  • Please note that we do not provide pro-rata billing.

  • Trace licences are only for Tracers, Debt Collectors and Attorneys.



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