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MYCE Testimonials

This is what our clients say about MYCE

Meet Andre De Villiers. Owner of four major Real Estate Offices in Cape Town. With over 30 years in Real Estate, Andre trains Real Estate professionals on the topics of Marketing & Technology. Andre has also been the recipient of Technology & Marketing awards in the Real Estate Industry.


  • Happy agent!!!


    I have started to work on myce and i am enjoying it so much. Seeing that this can increase my sales i am extremely excited. Thank you for promoting this amazing tool to us at Realnet. An agent cannot really function properly without a workable database. It’s the best system ever!!!!!!! :) happy agent!!!
  • CEO, Dormehl Phalane Property Group
    Owen Dormehl

    Owen Dormehl

    I have been in the Real Estate Industry for many years now and first met Chantelle when she headed up Home Loans for Nedbank in KZN. It is amazing how the MyCE team have really uncovered challenges that Property Specialists face and find practical ways to solve these challenges. Chantelle has combined her in depth industry knowledge to create a solution that I believe you just can’t afford to run your business without. At Dormehl Phalane Property Group we believe it’s about passion and we are property specialists with a passion for what we do. I came across MyCE a few months ago and have yet to see a solution that has been created from the ground up with South African Real Estate Agents in mind. MyCE is an end to end Real Estate Business Management solution and we have already identified very exciting ways we can use MyCE to differentiate ourselves in the market that will support our Property Specialists to reach new levels of success.
  • Superstar Strategies
    Wendy Machanik

    Wendy Machanik

    “I thought you should know that once I saw, what your MyCE management system offered, I began recommending it to all my real estate clients. Your system has taken the industry by storm & all my clients whom I have recommended your system to, are extremely satisfied. This system has not only assisted them in keeping proper records, but it has also been an invaluable tool for their canvassing, & procuring of properties. The CRM component, assists agents optimally in keeping in touch with their past &¤t clients through its excellent customer relationship management capability, which has seamlessly, given the agents direction & control over their ‘farm’ and their business.

    I am personally not aware of any other local real estate tool that encompasses most everything an agent needs in one system. There have been many American CRM systems in the past, one of which I personally used in the field but never one that did everything under one banner, as does yours.

    Your MyCE product has truly taken real estate systems management to the next level and I predict that it will soon become indispensable to the entire industry. I must also commend you on your outstanding on-going after sales service and the extra care you have personally taken in getting everyone up & running. I would not hesitate in recommending your system to everyone selling real estate, as the blue-print of excellent management solutions for the entire property industry.

    I wish you every success going forward & will continue to sing your praises & recommend your system, to everyone whom I work with. Congratulations and may you go from strength to strength. “
  • Estate Agent
    Ryan van Rensburg

    Ryan van Rensburg

    Myce is easy, that’s the best part about it, quick, simple and efficient. Simple yet effective features of the program allow people to stay up to date, on time and even create future possibilities of ongoing and effective business potential.
  • Business Manager Jawitz, Jawitz
    Pieter Davidtz

    Pieter Davidtz

    Dear Chantelle and Sam, We are sooo happy with your product. My agents have started using MYCE and are having remarkable success. Regards,
  • Managing Principal
    Andre De Villiers

    Andre De Villiers

    If you are looking for an awesome CRM that already has data for your area – so you can take your real estate to the next level far easier than you thought – Discover www.MyCE.co.za – highly recommended – best South African real estate product ever!
  • Koos


    I have found myce.co.za to work quite well for me. Many thanks, without your product success would not be possible for me, so I’d just like to express my gratitude.




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