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Dracore's high quality data is saving your business valuable time and money. We know this and hope that you do too.

There are many other data bureaus to choose from, so why should you continue to choose Dracore? We have collected and answered your questions about this below. If you have any more questions, please send them to us here.

How up-to-date is Dracore’s data really?
We offer the most up-to-date data you can find. We choose to invest in a variety of good data sources and in developing our own cutting-edge data enrichment systems.

Many of our competitors act as data brokers and simply reuse and re-monetise a stagnant database. Dracore on the other hand makes sure we have the most up-to-date data we can possibly provide. This is because we work with financial institutions, insurance companies, credit providers, debt collection businesses and fraud investigators for whom the ramifications of incorrect data are great. For example, debt collectors who have to work through a vast database of contacts often incur considerable costs due to outdated phone numbers on their list. By hitting the right target first time they save time and money. Similarly, financial institutions can incur high costs by paying out a loan to someone who passed away since the application was approved. Having updated information can save them time and money.

Having up-to-date information speeds up your search processes and boosts your hit rate significantly, thereby reducing your costs
How does Dracore update its data?
We have developed a cutting-edge system to do automated updates – all day, every day. This is unique in the industry.

At Dracore, data updates happen all day, every day. This is unique in the industry. Most companies take a lot of time to consolidate and sort through large volumes of information which come from different sources in vastly different formats – if they sort through it at all. Dracore, on the other hand, has developed an automated data processing system which quickly and easily imports this data on a daily basis. Additionally, because of our efficient, automated system, we have a special relationship with the Department of Home Affairs who have given us exclusive 2-hour online access to their database. Other data companies rely on the physical delivery of data on a disk over a 24-hour period.
What are Dracore's prices based on?
We choose to invest in a variety of good data sources and in developing our own cutting-edge data enrichment systems. We also comply 100% with all legal requirements and do not cut corners.

Because we have committed to maintaining GoVault as a user-friendly system with very high quality data we continuously make use of reputable data custodians such as TransUnion.
Market Pricing Analysis

We are well aware of alternative service providers’ offerings and fee structures. In finalising our pricing for 2016, we took this into account and are pleased to announce that, even though we continue to provide top quality data, our prices remain well below those of every other service providers.

  GoVault Service Provider 1 Service Provider 2 Service Provider 3 Service Provider 4 Service Provider 5 Service Provider 6 Service Provider 7 Service Provider 8 Service Provider 9
Contact Search R3,95 R10,00 R5,50 R5,50 R18,00 R4,98 R3,98 R5,50 R5,50 R8,00
There are many data service providers out there – why should we choose Dracore?
We deliver on our promise to offer quality data. This promise can be verified.

Our focus on quality data extends to the way we conduct business. Transparency, compliance and good governance are cornerstones of Dracore’s philosophy. There are many ways to cut corners or in the world of data supply, but eventually these shortcuts will begin to show in the quality of the product, and if you use this data it could affect your business and your reputation.

If any pricing you come across is below what you see in the pricing analysis we have provided, you can be assured that the data provider is not keeping their data up to date. By asking the right questions you can assess the quality of the data and the service provider you are dealing with.
To check this you can ask the following questions:
  1. Where do you get your data? Who are your data sources?
  2. Can you show me your contracts with your data providers?
  3. Can you show me your last invoice showing your most recent update?

Remember data is not free. So data is only as new as the last invoice. If they cannot show you a recent invoice, then their data is outdated.
What about the POPI Act and other legislation?
We comply with and promote the Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act at all times and have developed tools to assist you to do the same.

Businesses deal with personal information every day. Even if you have a short list of names and telephone numbers, you need to take steps to comply with the POPI Act. http://www.justice.gov.za/legislation/acts/2013-004.pdf

Additionally there are other pieces of legislation that you should be aware of such as the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act. http://www.gov.za/sites/www.gov.za/files/a25-02.pdf

Dracore solutions to help you stay compliant:
  1. Our email communications platform is designed to recognise contacts who have “opted in” to receive communications from you.

  2. We are adding a POPI button to GoVault by the end of November. This will allow you to record any client requests not to be contacted on GoVault. Your colleagues will also be notified not to call this contact again. This will help to ensure your reputation is protected in the market and that your audit trailed information is stored.

  3. We are also including additional capturing facilities on GoVault so that you can save and review special information about your contacts at any time.
Where to next for Dracore?
New products and value-adds on the way!
As part of our ongoing commitment to being a Quality Data Bureau, we are developing a new product to store, manage and maximise the value of the data we give you. We cannot say more at this stage, but you will be the first to know as soon as it is ready. For now we hope the hint will encourage you to stick with us until the big reveal in January 2016. It will be worth the wait!

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